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Zeer is a innovative service featuring amateurs and qualified experts.

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A new era for streaming is right here.

The world is constantly changing. Television dies slowly and mass media resources become personalized. Individual bloggers become more popular than web portals and online streamers are broadcasting for millions of viewers from around the world everyday. was created to open the gate for newcomers, help them reveal their talents and achieve new heights.



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Zeer is created for you

“ project represents a platform that allows you to take next step towards a new profession. By streaming live, experimenting and progressing you receive unique opportunity to reach new professional heights.”

Maks Podzigun

“I have always loved to share my thoughts with people — that is why I became a journalist. Together with i received an opportunity to express myself not only with words and letters but with my voice, I can contact and speak with a huge audience online. We are ready to share this magnificent feeling with everyone who want to try himself as a streamer.”

Anton Nesterovskyi

“The project is unique in its approach and implementation. Anyone can try themselves like a streamer or a leader in our studio, get good advice, discuss and analyze their mistakes on the air. We give an opportunity to join the profession of the future and gain invaluable experience in commentary activities.”

Pavel Romanov

Recent events

CyberStar League Grand Final Pubstomp

On December 24, at the computer center "Kiev CyberSport Arena" with the support of, Zeer TV and Kyivstar was CyberStar League pubstomp on Dota 2. Games were commented on by graduates of the CyberStar Academy. On the pubstomp there was a thematic cosplay show, as well Razer prizes were raffled off.

The International 2017 Pubstomp in Kiev

The best pubstomp in history is over! Esports player Andrei “Mag” Chipenko was our guest, we talked with professional commentator Dmitry “Droog” Chumachenko from Seattle on skype and we sincerely enjoyed positive emotions from Team Liquid victory at the main esports events of the year.

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